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3 Albums for Springtime
New Days – Psychedelic Drone Rock
Jim & George Morrison and the USS Liberty
‘Vanya’ by Mylla 10 Years After
‘Häxan’ by Dungen
Julian Jay Savarin & Great Progressive Rock
Cary Grace Live
‘The Empyrean’ by John Frusciante still holds up with magic
We’re still dancing
Skymningslandet – Fine Swedish Psych Krautrock
‘Tygerland’ by Cary Grace
Ovo (drone rock)
SAW – ‘No Way Black’
Geiger NovFest på Atalante
Skivbutiken Galaxy Gramophone Records i Göteborg
Höstalbum Från Trion Rusconi – ‘History Sugar Dream’
Beglomeg Photos from ‘Phonofestivalen’ in Bergen