We’re still dancing

I want to continue on the timeline of my last blog post, When I lost my passport in India & Destroyed Bollywood, and share some moments upon my return, when I immediately met my wife to be Lisa. I didn’t know how and when I’d return from India. But my sister bought two tickets for a Dungen concert, a favorite band of ours, of which the mere act made me happy. As it turned out I got back two days before the concert. It was December, winter of 2010, which was cold and beautifully white all over Europe.


Moving in and eating a scrambled dinner. We changed the parquet that night. I love these 35mm photos.
Moving in and eating a scrambled dinner. We changed the parquet that night. I love these 35mm photos.


For five years we have been with each other and this year we became a family, but all began at that concert and we were the only ones dancing that night. The Nordic audiences are very stiff, not all, but the majority. in our minds we thought everyone had danced, but on a later account of someone else the audience was quite calm, the concert great though. I guess we fell in love and when that happens destiny begins to dance within you. We’re still dancing, although we don’t go to Dungen concerts anymore like we used to. I remember one show in Halmstad during the summer and it was a light rain coming down. But we had our oversized ugly colorful ponchos and danced, the two of us infront of the stage.


Lisa Sinclair. 35mm Photo: Sanjin Đumišić.
She had her new dress on and the baby ducks gathered around her feet. I was testing a new analog 35mm camera. Great day it was.


Love is something different for all of us, but yet the same, since we’re all after the same thing sort of. We’ve improved our lives since then, experienced and traveled, developed ideas and new paths. Today I want to focus on how important natural resilience is to a relationship. People go through though times, successes, boredom, conflicts, love and what have you – true love resides in that magical dance that still goes on, deep within and always manages to burst out through the everyday layers that might cloud our quality in life.


Florens and Lisa. Photo: Sanjin Đumišić.
This year was a new start for all three of us.

Traveling with a baby. Sanjin, Lisa, Florens. Photo: Sanjin Đumišić..


There’s not much I mean to say here, other than to share some thoughts and thankfulness to the relationship I got. One things is that for the first time in my life I can look back on photos and se that I was younger and remember the moments on those photos. It’s not really the same thing as looking back on my childhood photos, there I was smaller the references are not the same. But when you find yourself looking at yourself as an adult, with some years in-between, you feel the change in a different way. Further along the years it’ll be felt even more. So let’s live life!


Sanjin Đumišić self portrait.


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