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Long ago I used to buy all sorts of shoes and sneakers. Until I read a book by a Danish author about our feet and toes. It cemented my experience regarding comfort and to never compromize, because all the stuff I had on my feet never endured, never felt comfortable in the long run. That book also explained a lot regarding why feet can look like they do beyond a certain age (read deformation due to narrow shoes). So past that point I always had the widest sneakers I could find and that was ok. I saw that there were barefoot shoes with individual toes but that didn’t interest me, I saw people get them but no one seemed to wear them in the long run. If a shoe or sneaker is good, you can have that model for life.

The time came to get new footwear and I did some research and found the brand Joe Nimble who had a store nearby me. Just by looking at them you can tell they are made for your feet. I went and tried, payed and got myself the most comfortable shoes and sneakers so far. The WanderToes model is the best thing ever, and had it not been in the wake of the summer I wouldn’t had got the NimbleToes – which are very comfortable. However the quality of them is a bit disappointing as I mention in the video.

Joe Nimble, WanderToes.

I was happily telling people that they feel so natural on your feet, that taking them on and off is no difference. I have them on all the time besides when I run, where I prefer running sneakers. I’m on my legs a lot, walking, working, and hiking and if this brand or any other similar brands out there keep making what they do, my feet will be happy.

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