Coping with Trauma and Painful Experiences

We have all had traumatic experiences, and we will have more of them. It can be physical like death, illness, injuries and deformations of various forms and it can be emotional due to relationships. How are we to deal with trauma? I have no way of doing that and will never be able to deal with it. There is no erase-function nor a cure for the emotions attached to traumatic experiences. Yet there is the only alternative left there, unavoidable and waiting, and that’s to live with it. I maintain that everything in our lives ought to be used as manure, for us to grow the garden of our life. This is easier, or can be true, for some traumatic experiences – but for others only time will tell.

If there ever was one cure for all traumas nobody would bother with any traumatic leftovers right? Everyone would just get their painful experiences fixed and move on. We are very aware that there is no universal cure or coping mechanism for trauma. We are each left on our own with all the various ways of setting our minds to work about it. Of course, there is help and support, but we are on our own. That’s perhaps the scary bit, that there is no balm to calm us in moments of need other than the one we made ourselves, with what we got or found along the way.

One way for me to deal with any hardship is to let it go through my body, in either tears, electric shaking moments, meditation, thoughts or however it manifests. The important bit is to pick a time and space for that, to let it through ones body and mind completely. We are a unity and emotions are physical – remember that the energy physical activity brings, or the piece of mind meditation brings about – in the same way we can let traumatic memories, sorrow and emotions through our, and out of our, body.

Be honest with yourself but be even stronger as yourself.

There are maybe there types of characteristics in dealing with traumas, one is the one who becomes desensitized, the second character is the introvert self-destructive type and the third character is the one who is bullish. None is better than the other and each have their natural place. The desensitized person might be working with traumatic scenes and thus needs to desensitize because he or she will witness that on a daily basis at work. The second type might be considered the weakest kind, as they turn on themselves, these types are mostly prone to serious or total self-destruction. The third type is the one who goes on with life no matter what, however in this type we also find those who cope and react to their traumas by hurting their surroundings, or just get to hard on everything and everybody. This is just generalization but for this purpose it is enough. A bull bears the burden, recognizes it and keeps strong about the life still ahead. Be honest with yourself but be even stronger as yourself.

I think we are deep down affected by everything absorbed by our perception, we cannot avoid the bad and will never be totally safe-spaced in our head as traumatic events will happen. Even when it happens to others we can feel empathy and get moody about it.

What do you think?

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