God Wins (and you lose)

Here’s a new track with an edited music video from the 1966 film Daisies by Věra Chytilová. I wrote the lyrics some years ago and finally finished a version of song with the twelve string guitar, shaker and some crunch to the mic for the vocals.

Download it from my Bandcamp



God wins and you lose, God wins and you lose

Don’t try so hard, to get it done.


God walks in your shoes, God walks in your shoes

Don’t run, to get it done.


God ain’t busy with you, God ain’t so busy with you

Don’t waste your time, to get it done.


God rides the back of a frog, God rides the back of a frog

Don’t be a prince, to get it done.


God sings, and you mumble, God sings, and you mumble

Shut up!

To get it done.

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