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Fight The Good Fight!

Fight The Good Fight!

Posted on A book changes history, a poem inspires an empire and the sentence of a common man is not to be underestimated. The header image above with the two knights is by Eugène ...



Many claim and feel victimhood of sorts. Few really are. Even more so don't take personal responsibility and realize the beauty of our struggle. Every day we thrive evil forces die.

Orust on a Winter Sunday

Meanwhile January passed quite swiftly. Not passively but with determination. I had this feeling and went about ahead with my plans for this year. Life has brought me to this now already mentioned ...

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Be the invasion that those that want to silence you fear.
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Economic Independence as a Family
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Thank You Summer

Thank You Summer

Midsummer days passed by and my daughter turned five. August ended in an autumn vibe. On another notice I've made aims for next year. More time with family before my daughter starts school, ...

Läckö Slott
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