Altra Lone Peak 6 – A Barefoot Shoe Wearer’s Review

Here’s my impression of the Altra Lone Peak 6 trail runners. I could not try them before purchasing so videos like this helped me out a bit. Most things are already covered about these shoes, so this is my take as someone who’s already wearing barefoot shoes but had not yet bought a pair of Altra.

Weight: 10.6 oz / 300 g
Midsole: Altra EGO™
Outsole: MaxTrac™
Cushion: Moderate
Stack Height: 25 mm
Upper: Quick-Dry Air Mesh

Straight out of the unboxing I was eager to feel the fit, I ordered a size 44 and hoped it would fit good in order to avoid sending the pair back. They were a fit and felt much better than anticipated. They kind of look a bit big and bulky in the videos I’ve seen before getting my pair – but they sure are comfortable and intimate with the feet for a lack of a better word.

I even got these gaiters, something I’ve never used, but since it was a sale and this pair has custom fit for gaiters, it might come handy for hiking now that I can skip my hiking boots. Water proof hiking boots are not always the best option, having lightweight trailers that dry faster is in most cases and seasons a better choice.

I’m not new to zero drop nor to thin soles. However, I know that thin soles in colder climate create moist due to the contact between the cold, and sometimes icy, ground with the hot feet. With these 2 cm soles you have comfort and isolation for colder times. However at first the 2 cm felt too high compared to what I usually wear. Everything over 1 cm is high heels.

In some of the videos I watched before purchasing people mention they could be slippery at times, especially on wet muddy rocks. This is true, but not so much that you slip immediately, but there is definitively an issue there. Especially in side movements, nothing straight forward/backward.

As always in barefoot shoes, one feels the “no-shoe” sensation when taking them off at home. Which is a measure for good shoes. This model has proven itself for trail runs, hiking and will of course as a comfortable good choice for regular use. Now that I know my sizing in the Altra family, I’ll get another less traily pair for my urban adventures.

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  • Paulo
    November 7, 2022

    what is your number in regular shoes and in standard trail running shoes ?