Sweden | Daily Bombings & Shooting

Sweden has an extremely serious mafia. Shootings, bombings and infiltration in many ranks of society by these criminal gangs have been allowed for a long time to take root. The leaders’ children study and infiltrate society at large. While imbecile youth without empathy commit the street violence. They shoot the wrong people on a regular basis and this is tragic. The police statement is always the same “the perpetrator was known from before”, “we knew about…”, “we suspected…” and so on.

Does anyone seriously believe that a country like Sweden, with a hi-tech military industrial complex and with interception officially since the FRA law in 2008 – could not intercept and dissolve this mafia in time? Now they are considering deploying the military, there is talk of facial recognition. Why? Again, all must be punished because of a few. And the problem could have been solved a long time ago, this whole situation seems to be allowed. Something is not right.

Sadly, years ago I said that all of this would flood into the more ordinary urban areas. And we’ve seen that definitely for the last three years. Sweden has the highest percent of bombings in a country which is at peace in Europe, and it is second to Mexico at the moment.

Now if we put aside a lot of things, just to focus on what is being done about this. Let’s put aside the mass migrant agenda of men from the MENA region. Why are they letting this happen? The sad part about it is that people generally don’t talk about it. I think people believe that this is some sort of a temporary problem in society. While the same people fervently discuss the problems of other countries.

The prisons are filled up in Sweden, there is no more room. People don’t get punishment they deserve for horrible crimes. But that’s a whole another topic. I mean this is this is too vast of a problem. Listen, the government needs itself, it needs to justify itself. Maybe people will beg for totalitarian solutions just like they did during the plandemic. With all of these various problems and there are many more – the government is needed, that’s how the public views it.

What do you think?

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