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EU Hypocrisy on Bosnia’s Chinese Credit for a New (Cleaner) Coal Plant
Niccolò Machiavelli Was a Renaissance Whistleblower

Remember 9/11

https://youtu.be/8CFJJXkfzI4 All the political, demographical, economical and military problems we have today were rooted in the tragedy of 911. The continuous wars, millions dead in the Middle East and countries destroyed over the ...

Jim & George Morrison and the USS Liberty
The Current Push for a Major Superpower Bellum
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Future Transhumanism & Human Rights
Bosnia and Herzegovina is Better off Today Than 100 Years Ago
Sadness and concern about Sweden

Commercialization of fear

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In this day and age anyone with some sort of media awareness knows that there is an unproportional representation of violence, war, criminality, homicide, terror and such in the media landscape - ...

Sutorina – Modern territorial theft and insane geopolitical vortex in Bosnia & Herzegovina
Transcript of Aldous Huxley’s Speech ‘The Ultimate Revolution’ at Cal Berkeley, 1962