What Strengthened You Today?

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We all have our lives, our bubbles, our small places with people and our daily life – which is what everyone wants in peace. That’s the goal all freedom loving people strive for and fight for if necessary. There is too much ongoing escalation of forceful measures in our world, too much mandatory freedom destroying things popping out, too much lives being lost due to forced medical tyranny, aggressions and invasions. War basically, in every shape and form.

Also the ongoing economic failure by design. That is the economy for you and me, ordinary people. Imagine how stagnation can be looked upon as a wonderful thing. You know, things going on as usual, where the system doesn’t shock-change something drastically so that the majority forgot about the previous shock-change, before the next fear trauma shock-change is let loose. How wonderful stagnation could be with a steady ongoing and where people are left to do and chose how they want to spice up their life with whatever change they choose.

We have limitations, we cannot do everything nor solve everything. Even finding comfort in thinking one understand something is futile and borderline delusional but one hundred percent human – as it’s just intellectual comfort for the grasping, making sense or controlling ones state of mind in relation to enormous happenings out there.

Realize that agendas are put in place decades upfront by tribes and organizations that can spend whole lifetimes with everything available to them. We on the other hand are limited with survival on a monthly basis, making the ends meet and taking care of ourselves and our families. How much time is left for us after work, cleaning, cooking and resting on top of that? There is a reason for that limitation in time and retardation in what’s available to us to take part in and consume. It’s mind boggling, but true and yes it’s only defeating if one choses to be defeated.

What we can do is to look back on each day, each week, each year and maybe our lifetime and feel alive because we actually lived. As I’ve said another video, there is no 99% percent, only a few who believe in the right eternal principles and their belief is sprouting actions big or small that keep evil at bay. For each soul realizing those eternal principles the agenda makers get weaker. Every day we thrive evil forces die. Never forget, your strength is in your hands alone. What strengthen you today?

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