Vättern: Tegnértornet, Omberg, Visingsö, Alvastra

Greetings everyone, hope you’re doing well and having a good time. I’m very excited for the year to come, but first off I had to cut together some footage from the eastern coast of the second largest lake in Sweden, Vättern. Here’s a video blending footage from Alvastra Abbey Ruins, Omberg, Kumlaby Kyrka on Visingsö and Tegnértornet.

Recently I took a trip with Florens along the eastern coast of Vättern and we managed to see plenty during the short day. One hike was to the tower Tegnértornet near and above Gränna, the tower has 144 steps up and is 26 meter. Being placed so high up one can really enjoy a beautiful view from the top, 266 meters above the lake Vättern. Below the tower is a great place for making a fire, resting and eating – perhaps worth a stop on a future occasion.

We also made it to Omberg before the sun went down. Last time I was here was last summer, during a very wet, humid and warm period. The area was filled with mosquitos and tics and it just wasn’t the right time to enjoy. So I saved up Omberg for a colder day and went back south to the breezier island of Visingsö in the great lake. There I enjoyed a dip in the sea, a star fort, a medieval church that was founded in the 12th century.

Anyway, we did a short February hike at Omberg before the sun was getting down and we even made time to visit Alvastra Abbey Ruins. Which was at the moment being reinforced and under construction. It’s a lovely mystical site and we’ve been here before, some years ago on a good golden autumn day.

Now it’s time to look ahead to new destinations.

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