March & April

Cold cold April, but the last few days brought the spring vibe to us here. But while writing this it’s a cold chilly April again. No matter what, the worst of spring and summer is always warmer than the best of winter. I’m gearing up to go somewhere and here’s a mashup of March and April so far. We’ve seen ancient wall paintings, tried out our plash palatka, visited Marsstrand and a whole bunch of other things.

What do you think?

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  • Kurt Hubbard-Beale
    June 20, 2021

    Thanks your site is all about the freedoms we are apparently losing more each day. Truth is so necessary now – of course.

    Truth is Peace

    Someone once told me
    that truth was only
    ‘in the eye of the beholder’

    Truth is – as truth is agreed upon
    society calls this then
    its truths – of course,

    It depends perhaps
    can we not see our own flaws,
    or more importantly our misdeeds?

    Look around you – and you will find that
    the truth is something
    much more than any inane obscure
    and unreliable message,
    by half remembered
    and disfigured lies

    No, an enlightened concept,
    yet tangible in a sense
    to those aware and
    awake enough
    to see untruths,

    so very easily distinguishable
    and anyway – all around us.

    Truth is peace surely ?

    First though – some observation,
    seeing things – as they really are.

    What must be present behind
    the fog in the minds,
    of the disabled frightened
    hampered masses to wit;

    one can see truth
    when one can fully see the lies
    that have been
    perpetrated ad infinitum
    to manipulate humanity
    the forsaken masses
    that are coincidentally blind

    for eternity or
    revealed plausibility,
    only the individual
    can view what he sees
    with his own heart,
    his insight, his provoking senses

    his mind’s eye must penetrate through
    the lie of the life
    he has
    been living.

    Truth is peace,
    it must exist as opposed
    to the wretched lies.

    It could be said then,
    to be only and exactly
    the opposite
    to what we see around us,
    that could and ought to be

    known as the sort of truth
    we can all
    aspire to appeal for,
    If they will not listen – we may have to – you and I,
    insist upon it now.
    The stakes are just too high.

    The essence of
    and the epitome of
    the other side to what we have,

    to what we know and are forced
    to accept now,
    as any sort of truth.

    Don’t you know a lie when you hear it
    when you see it?
    you ought to.
    For all conflict is based upon it
    that all generations have known.

    Our senses have been
    so well and subversly
    hindered smothered

    and consistently decapitated
    for reasons only
    now apparent.

    Truth is peace.
    Wars of course, are based on lies

    Look, really look – that we could see
    truths previously hidden behind
    such inanimate objectivity

    Remember that,
    the opposite of truth
    must be maintained
    for it to work at all.

    Lies are crass and mortal significances,
    portrayed as all there is to know.. perhaps.

    Know the lies, see the truth
    As it is
    And it is and can only really be
    – peace.

    Truth could reign over all
    that would use their eyes
    to look but rather see.

    Indefinitely this is truth
    Wouldn’t you agree ?

    Kurt Hubbard-Beale
    7th Sept 2019