Fight The Good Fight!

A book changes history, a poem inspires an empire and the sentence of a common man is not to be underestimated.

The header image above with the two knights is by Eugène Delacroix.

Below is a piece written by Kurt Hubbard-Beale who replied to the video above. I think his text sums it all up neatly and true.

War for our souls

Inexplicable reason crying foul,
Final war for – the soul of man
The ironic scarcity of happiness 
Mass contract killing sanctioned, tho allowed
just because – they can

Search for neither limit bound
Across the Earth dimensions fold, 
For spiritual trap – nonetheless 
In pictures, movies, of Cabaal 
Trickery, sorcery forever sold
manufactured wars through constant lies

Promoting, funding – of all sides
Conflict of purpose truth be told
ignoring victims and their cries 
Banksters printing, Profit making 
FIAT currency usuary system

Maintaining undue persistent stress
Corporates in unison with 
government a formality 
This their form – insipid totality
Choosing their vehicle to opress

Pandemic nonsense lying stats, 
why would they want this – for us? 
Revealing, but exposed no less
We cannot carry on this way
cycle of torment to ourselves

Prediction now of man’s success
All wars satanic so they say
Are all deniers idiotic then? 
Or does their salary then depend 
on such intended pay for play.. 

Rethorical license words suspend
Disbelief amongst other things 
For spiritual Gnosis be regained
But willing and able all shall pass
Entire matrix paradoxical lies
Nothing is lost, but yet forbidden
to unknowning crippled masses 

– remember.. 

All is possible
Although, it is yet all
still hidden.

What do you think?

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  • Kurt Hubbard-Beale
    May 30, 2021

    It may be direct and therefore ‘confrontational’ but needs must in this tume we all find ourselves in and so, If you’ll excuse my somewhat direct answer to that, I think this:

    Your work and others with similar positive vibration and energy to you – is absolutely important so thank you.

    A little ‘light Poetry’ perhaps.

    To Those That Don’t Understand

    You won’t, you simply can’t and how could you,
    It is bigger than your comprehension – will allow..
    For sake of love or money
    Standard reason escapes
    the minds of few,
    The Honey Trap has set in well,
    My words will be obscure
    even alien – although true
    Fixed and set complete to bind,
    And it is necessarily so,
    To Wit: Appropriately though,
    why on earth should
    – the difference be seen by you?

    Taken the resolute path of sociopathic – and the unkind,
    Trained in Narcissistic tendencies,
    for the pretense of the ‘greater good’..
    by Corporate Government dependencies,
    Fascist Collectivism extraordinaire,
    On steroids – albeit just as though,
    A stupid solid dead piece of wood,
    smashing heads and brought to bear
    Therefore it would not,
    could not – occur in view

    Arrogance and ignorance
    fine bedfellows,
    in an ignoble ritual Dance,
    Replete with – by gagged and crippling Mask of shame
    To the Dumbed Down and
    the criminally insane
    It appears to work for now,
    It seems even with some use
    – to tell,
    Do you not see where
    your fellow humanity
    – under this Cabaalistic
    dream spell,
    an hypnotic would-be ‘Elite’s’ occultic Luciferian,
    subliminal despotic Trance
    To not see, is though now,
    Unacceptable ethics to bestow, And the soul of man’s Justice
    knows this..
    – as simply no excuse

    ..To those that don’t comprehend

    No accident or by default
    – WHY the world is,
    or has become insane,
    Inevitably of course
    we see that,
    There IS a Group to Blame
    All bewildered commentary aside,
    It IS and has been owned, controlled, by those
    that are so, desperately so..

    To not see, nor look above your
    – the torrid and poisonous trails
    Of noxious toxic Nano particles,
    sprayed constantly over our once blue iconic skies
    Flouride Mercury and much more besides,
    stops all cognitive reasoning
    secretly contained,
    in Blood-brain barrier,
    ..insipid nanobot A.I
    evil connectivity resides

    Consider this in your mindset,
    Abused but yet – constantly accused – blinded with Trillions in Debt for You
    From your idiotic and pathetic but incapable,
    To your minute and limited Worldview..
    A love of
    – official standard Lies
    Why does this basic notion escape your inate, yet
    – subdued perception?

    To Those That Don’t Understand..

    Feign incomprehension
    all you want – the difference remains intention
    It is and always was
    a form of Cabaalistic
    Slight of Hand Mind Control
    Their ‘Might is right’..
    You may not dare to mention
    But of course – though,
    As with everything,
    – always Hidden in Plain Sight

    By way of complete and utter, otherwise abundantly clear


    One simple message to take onboard.
    Raise the consciousness and


    Kurt Hubbard-Beale
    April 25th
    During covid 19 lockdown
    Koh Samui Thailand

  • Kurt Hubbard-Beale
    June 1, 2021

    I THINK if I’m not too mistaken (my typo – not YOURS)
    that ‘rhetorical’ is spelt incorrectly in the text.
    My apologies. K.H.B

    • Kurt Hubbard-Beale
      June 1, 2021

      Clouds of the future, in the present day

      Astronomical Lies of Biblical masonic deception,
      sleeping world enjoys its enslavement unconsciously,
      as though by default

      Majority rules is democracy?
      But, the majority insists on immoral high ground
      and is anyway
      the majority manipulated
      towards a certain tyranny

      Terraforming our once beautiful planet
      into a controlled
      and abberated self criticism, elitism and love of

      An envisioned pretense of
      coincidental hell on Earth

      Wake up sheeple wake up.
      “Nice clear skies…Nothing to see here,
      Move along, that’s right move along”

      Conspiracy Theory,
      conspire against
      pragmatic research,
      hard fought-for, hard won

      Government agencies
      working in tandom with
      and dictated to,
      by age old secret societies

      Owned and controlled
      mass media oulets
      and social platforms
      enforce legitimacy,
      perpetuate and smother
      the propaganda and the lies
      Censorship of speech
      All freedom dies

      Technocracy surfaces
      as authoritarianism deconstructs
      any and all opposition,
      If you think you’ve heard
      of this before,
      sensed it even
      you may be right,
      you may sense or see
      glimpses of truth still

      Does it matter that the weather modification projects
      ramped up in earnest
      from the late 1990’s onwards

      employing underground labatories,
      added Aluminum, Mercury,
      Barium, Strontium and more

      are bending, twisting and constructing
      new chemical formulae,
      for ‘we the people’
      to inhale?

      Is this then,
      an almost certain dystopian future
      for their children too?

      For and within patented
      Jet propulsion, Big Oil
      global system,

      “Nice NORMAL skies, just a figment of the imagination – nothing to see here, move along, move along”

      Mass censorship
      is sadly all pervasive
      to the uninformed
      and relative-luxury
      smitten blind,

      A World view bubble,
      Idolatry, Idiocracy
      Creates all sorts
      of trouble
      Stems from all sorts of
      unexplained places,
      to the ill informed

      Coupled with government sanctioned vaccinations, impressed upon
      an uninformed majority unwitting general public,
      recruited by their lowered-IQ peers,
      to pass on a sedate
      mocking nonchalance

      Destruction under the guise
      of Litigation,
      The masses unaware
      ad infinitum

      Intention is from cause
      And vice versa
      Actions revealing
      what they wish to conceal

      Providing a hitherto
      unseen, unfathomable
      creeping sickness
      by subversion, attrition

      Autism in the young and healthy,
      Alsymers in the would be wise
      and ageing,
      much earlier by design

      Agenda driven, driving the sane insane
      at an insidiously unnatural pace
      to an untimely
      early demise,
      of our own species
      Yet not the one percent
      Elite disillusionment being
      enforced and branded
      upon the rest

      Humanity as we know it
      Entirety of mankind,
      That we the human race
      may know
      and be
      emancipated from
      this tyranny though benign

      Subdued and docile – does not maketh any man,
      Artificially Intelligent
      or otherwise
      Of organic genuine wholesomeness,
      this must take precedence
      and contains the blueprints of better futures for all
      Bar none

      Wake up sheeple,
      Do not be the children
      of the Lie,

      wake up now.

      Kurt Hubbard-Beale
      March 2019