Fight The Good Fight!

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A book changes history, a poem inspires an empire and the sentence of a common man is not to be underestimated.

The header image above with the two knights is by Eugène Delacroix.

Below is a piece written by Kurt Hubbard-Beale who replied to the video above. I think his text sums it all up neatly and true.

War for our souls

Inexplicable reason crying foul, 

Final war for – the soul of man

The ironic scarcity of happiness 

Mass contract killing sanctioned, tho allowed

just because – they can

Search for neither limit bound

Across the Earth dimensions fold, 

For spiritual trap – nonetheless 

In pictures, movies, of Cabaal 

Trickery, sorcery forever sold

manufactured wars through constant lies

Promoting, funding – of all sides

Conflict of purpose truth be told

ignoring victims and their cries 

Banksters printing, Profit making 

FIAT currency usuary system

Maintaining undue persistent stress

Corporates in unison with 

government a formality 

This their form – insipid totality

Choosing their vehicle to opress

Pandemic nonsense lying stats, 

why would they want this – for us? 

Revealing, but exposed no less

We cannot carry on this way

cycle of torment to ourselves

Prediction now of man’s success

All wars satanic so they say

Are all deniers idiotic then? 

Or does their salary then depend 

on such intended pay for play.. 

Rethorical license words suspend

Disbelief amongst other things 

For spiritual Gnosis be regained

But willing and able all shall pass

Entire matrix paradoxical lies

Nothing is lost, but yet forbidden

to unknowning crippled masses 

– remember.. 

All is possible

Although, it is yet all

still hidden.

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