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March & April

March & April

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Cold cold April, but the last few days brought the spring vibe to us here. But while writing this it's a cold chilly April again. No matter what, the worst of spring ...

Orust on a Winter Sunday
First Sunshine Date of the Year
Gunnebo Slow Flowers
Thank You Summer

Thank You Summer

Midsummer days passed by and my daughter turned five. August ended in an autumn vibe. https://youtu.be/NMmCHHaGXvw https://youtu.be/SGZnwBlhRTQ On another notice I've made aims for next year. More time with family before my daughter starts school, ...

Läckö Slott
Recent Day Trips in Bohuslän
“Description of an adventurous journey…” by Johan Brelin
A Swedish Slave in Morocco (Svensk Slav i Marocko)
Ancient Sites of Hällkistan Dvärgahuset, Gravfältet i Hol & Ornunga Labyrint
Swedish M1909 ‘Livpäls’ Army Field Coat – The Warmest Vintage Winter Wear
Megaliths in Askeberga and Abbey Ruins in Varnhem
Late Swedish Autumn
Alvastra Abbey Ruins
Ragnhildsholmen Medieval Fort Ruin
Summer Solstice Days
Self-Employed Stay-at-Home Dad, No Kindergarten