New Cycle Begins

This month has rushed in at full speed coated with the calmness only snow can offer. A rush not only in our own lives but everywhere around us, far and beyond. Trenches are dug, and we are in for a long ride. As Hunter S. Thompson said “Buy the ticket, take the ride”.

Here in Sweden the totalitarian path is full steam ahead. This past Saturday, I cleaned the house, went to the protest against the illegal passports, made a dinner, picked up my wife and at the end of the day we were tired, but celebrated our eleventh year together. Stuff needs to get done, so we just have to do them. It was a super father Saturday. I’ll love my family and will fight for our freedom all the way.

Among much else, winter solstice is upon us, the time of year the new cycle beings. In Sweden Christmas is still called Jul, which is like hjul meaning the wheel. Which was the original celebration for the new cycle of light ahead in old Europe. Summer solstice and winter solstice are the only holy days for me and my wife, even before we met eleven years ago, and it just happens that our daughters were born around those days. One bearing the name Florens, at the peak of summer blooming and flourishing. And Aurelia, the golden light in the darkest time of the year when the new cycle of light begins. We never had any other choices, one was given by my wife and the other by me.

Yesterday I put much on hold, It’s time to contemplate on the year ahead, plant the seeds as the new cycle of light is upon us. But most importantly, quality time. For all that we work with and struggle for has a goal, a deeper meaning, that can easily get lost in strives we might get lost in. Balance, speed, decisiveness. Or whatever words can be used like mind, heart and intuition – get them in tune and you’ll be surprised!

Rest and recreation is needed. A passion, a cozy dwelling place and all of that which make the work and struggle worth it. 2022 will be very important.

So for this day, I want a fire, calmness and some moody views on the Swedish West Coast. I want to share this with you, I want my children to see this later on. And it gives a creative focus to make something.

As the year ends, consider a break, a good treatment for yourself and those around you. For the repetition, 2022 will be very important. We’ll all need the sweetness in life before the next year really kicks in!

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