Light Spreads Out – Shadows Return to Shadows

We are flushed with propaganda on a daily basis, from all media forms and devices. Propaganda can be obvious but it can be subtile and still subconsciously stick itself inside of you. As it never ceases, year after year of it has an effect. Propaganda can be about one product, an idea or it can be complete set of values flushed on us from birth. Bit by bit, year after year, in all shapes and forms. Cultural indoctrination is inevitable, the word cult hides itself in open sight. The problem is the unawareness of the cult like mechanism in our lives.

The cult we live in gets a good to go on questioning certain aspects, to stand up for or against other aspects – in common it is all preprogrammed. You can notice this by calmly questioning something which the cult member has never been aware of. The common demeanor for propaganda is that it always acts rightful and on the good side, on your side and definitively not propaganda out to get you.

Cult members think of themselves as virtuous rather than fearful cowards.

The crux with propaganda is it doesn’t work solo or by one all spanning effort. An agenda gets flushed over months, over years, over decades. Part of the propaganda is also meant to fail, because its mission is to make the receiver feel smart for having seen through it.  This is where the controlled opposite opinions, questioning and standing up or against something authorized plays out. Because the well meaning audience, consumer and receiver can’t comprehend how evil some agendas are. It’s not a one way street of information goals. The goals are also of contradicting, polarizing nature too. Intelligence and intellect work differently, a well satisfied intellect always sees itself as better than others, more informed than others, more critical thinking than others. Breaking out from the cult demands free intelligence.

Adults always have a hard time to admit being wrong regarding lifelong beliefs or decisions made. There is no one source code for it all. So the best we can do is to sharpen our honesty and intelligence. Once again, adults not only have a hard time admitting being wrong, but also a hard time admitting they do not know or lack information about, to be honest, many things. All our media, our educational system, our information infrastructure are in a few hands. That’s not a coincidence, but rather the result of a decisive group and a century of putting the plan into action. There is no better way of imprisoning an adult than by giving him status, be that of a title or educational degree, make him feel informed through the centralized channels. Then have the manufactured intelligentsia feel good for seeing through some low hanging fruits of propaganda designed to fail from the get go. Tell me, how can such a person be critical of anything presented to them? If that contradicts what their whole manufacturing process in the cult is based on?

Most people want to do good, even if they are misinformed, manipulated and victims of lifelong propaganda, in their minds they are doing good. The creators of propaganda are aware of this and play that string very well, for their own benefits and agendas.

If you feel you have reached a way out of the cult, then continue along and be a light. Remember, what is of the shadows returns to the shadows. Your source of light can’t be reached, it is meant to reach out to others.

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