Fjärde Soluppgången

When I lived in Oslo 2009 I did my best to form a band and group together people with whom to work on sound experiences with. During that year I also had my first experience of sound therapy, resonance singing, singing bowls, free jams and rhythm sessions in the park – and almost got the band I wished for. That year was very intense and when it comes to sound very engaged and mind opening. Some of my most precious musical experiences are dated to that year. There were many compositional ideas and I did not get the band to stay together long enough to record material, which left me feeling that the ideas would be gone. My main music partner aspired for an another interest so I had to do something.

I had luckily used the Zoom H4 to record rehearsals and the ideas were saved in a rough shape. In the late autumn that year I’d began recording the album so that some of the works and ideas would be saved and enjoyed. I used my Yamaha bass guitar, Ibanez electric guitar, Yamaha synth, microKorg, Laney amp and the Zoom H4 to record it all. Always faithful to the philosophy of “take what you have and do it”.

At that time I lived in the top of a big house, and the days before and after christmas my roommate was gone, the whole neighborhood was away. So I got the house by myself and really played it loud! What made it even more memorable was the winter of 2009/10 – it was freezing, with heaps of snow and around those christmas days the snow was crystal fresh, silent and packed the streets in -27 °C air. So playing the guitar, the solos and all that was very special. Overlooking the sloped terrain towards Oslo city and seeing the ocean, fronted by the snow on my house other houses. Being the shortest days of the year the sun played beautiful tricks with the light. The magic was the snow, cold and sun all together with the fact of being alone, almost like renting a big studio. I was very happy with the results and named the album Fjärde Soluppgången (Fourth Sunrise). The album titles are title-poetic about the concept of time and the whole album is about passage, non-passage, beginnings and endings. The many sunrises is a reminder of our own resurrection we might experience at different times in our life. Fjärde Soluppgången was released on the 16th February 2010.

Deep cosmic vibes and kraut feelings, synthesizer leads and acoustic guitars in a beautiful combination.

In 2011 after returning from a trip in India I released the album on CD. Somehow other things got in the way and when I left Oslo the year before to travel I left the music community and the possibility to do anything with the music in terms of promotion. When the CD’s where shipped to me I really did not know what to do with them, it was a spontaneous thing and I gave away copies to some libraries and to people who would appreciate the album. Time went on and I gave up the idea of forming a band and playing that music live, so I began composing music in other ways and focus.

Now the album is available on Bandcamp with CD and digital wav, flac, mp3 download.

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