Google & Artificial Intelligence – Need your help

Google is working on developing artificial intelligence, and the big data they gather from users behavior is used today and/or will be used in the future. When you are logged in to your gmail, YouTube or any other google service – all is being recorded. Lets say you are writing an email, comment or a blog post, and you need to check the spelling. So you do it, you google it. Now, somewhere that data is stored, and in the example of artificial intelligence it will surely be used in order to give a better picture of how humans write, think, spell and what the hangups are.

It is no joke that Google will know too much about you. As long as you are logged to your google account everything is stored. Same goes for big social media as in the one with the first letter F.

Most people, and now I mean the one that actually are computer oriented, are lazy enough to engage in this. Because the misleading sel hypnosis of ”I don’t mind”, ”What can you do”, ”We all use YouTube” and so on and so on. That is rather lazy. Even if you’re a YouTube user (I am) you don’t need to swallow the whole package.

First place to start is to reduce all the tracking that is done upon your online presence. Install anti-tracker plugins for browsers, de-activate all history in google, learn crypto programs, learn anonymous surfing (in case you would need it) and many more things. Although a good place to start is not to be logged in when you don’t need a specific service. It’s all like good manners, when you get into it its in the spine. The last and most important thing, talk about this. Educate people around you and especially the young ones who will grow up in a 2D world of computers, mobile devices and no privacy.

That is why talking about this issues is important. We need good services and transparent services, not a transparent individual in the eyes of ”bigger-than-god” corporations.

What do you think?

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