How to get rid of emotional baggage?

The new year is only a few days away, winter solstice has passed and new possibilities are around the corner. Even more so if we are to clean ourselves of emotional baggage. But – How to get rid of emotional baggage? This is something that comes in many forms for each and every one of us. We all pile it up through life unless you’re a spiritual master from birth or have been living in a perfect rainbow bubble – you end up with emotional baggage one way or another.

It goes to say that emotional baggage is an inspiration for art, but that’s also a repeating cycle – and one in my experience that gave some satisfaction, but can keep you from the purer forms of satisfaction in life. When you actually cleanse out the dirt and become more pure in mind, the way to look at art and be inspired by it will change. I mention art here as for everything that can be done in life, like working in the kitchen, driving a car, playing music and what have you. I also want to mention that the purer form of satisfaction is not the same as some phony-corny-coward-happiness that’s been thrown down the neck of people in the general popularization of “feeling good” with all the forced smiles. Faking it is not an option for the real deal – the true essential satisfaction that motivates you from the deepest within, and isn’t based on fear or other external fantasy monsters.

In the alchemical sense we are striving to purify ourselves. I find that the main focus that helps people reach in and begin is to tell them to observe the state of mind that caused some problem, also if it was the same state of mind that battled within the problem and finally what state of mind got the person through the problem. They could be the same or different states of mind. But they are essential and hence can fill up your emotional baggage. Just because they can that, and in our ignorance we did let them, the same essential states of mind can help us reach better potential and satisfaction for ourselves. Of course, thereby for others too.

First step is no step at all.

These are dangerous territories because while getting more truly satisfied people see more of the dirt around them and of course the dirt left behind. Not to mention all the crazy sectarian and fake spiritualism that’s out there, which lures in people and spits them out. Perhaps it’s a bad pattern of people having a shorter attention span yet demanding profound changes and insights. Oh wait, nothing new there! The masters throughout history have been talking about and teaching about liberation from suffering, meaning the mind suffering and garbage collection that sickens the mind and kills the light within. Because we have the strong and essential blissful people around, they set the standard and basically we should be & feel strong like that. If something, just be reminded of that and stray not from the path. Each pure action and insights is always an eternal merit, something that you never lose and build a strong foundation on.

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