Sci-Fi Film ‘Terminus’ Includes UFO’, Men in Black, Nuclear War and More

This film has received very bad ratings on IMDB and that’s probably because it hints at many references people don’t get. Things that make an decent film more relative to our current world happenings than just being a decent film. Terminus plays out itself during a time when USA and its allies are occupying Iran with Russian and China moments away from entering the war, and we have veterans in the film. We even get a comment from one character mentioning that he would never go out and spill blood for Israels cause; which in itself is remarkable as the jewish question in politics never ever gets brought up in films. In one scene, a crippled veteran asks a man to sign the petition against war and forced drafting, so that his son, who’s standing next by, won’t become cannon fodder. The man spits in the face of the veteran and calls him a traitor.

(This review contains no spoilers)

Meanwhile, some sort of an extraterrestrial “thing” has landed and it seems to cure people, it has a genesis-like healing abilities. One of these “things” lands and is found by a widower, who with a friend and his daughter keeps it. So here we have the UFO factor and with that we get the Men in Black in the film, although they are called the ‘National Science Agency’ NSA. That agency in the film refer openly to the need of perpetual wars, and how even with secret (extraterrestrial) technology, there is no rush to end conflict, but to perpetuate them and bind the sheeple to it – for one profiteering agenda after another.

Once again I’ll say that sometimes films are worth much for their ideas, as were many back in the 1960-70’s that oozed great sci-fi ideas but lacked in visuals or acting. Terminus has the visuals and the acting (besides some goofs with US-Australian stuff) that makes this movie hold up pretty well. I don’t want to give any spoilers, but the film is entertaining, or at least very decent plus-plus, because it involves these aspects:

  • UFO
  • Men in Black
  • Third World War
  • Israel, Zionism a.k.a. the jewish question
  • War veteran perspective

All in all, I love how this film takes the ordinary mans perspective, and not only on a shallow imagine all the people way but in a real world referencing way. Hinting at all the underlying things going on in our world, from the wars, secret technologies and secret agendas. Portraying how they affect the small man, way out there in some American small town.

…in addition to all this, a nuclear war breaks out too. Meaning that this “thing” (without spoilers) got on Earth to prevent humanity to fall into oblivion. I highly recommend this film. The scenes at the end are amazing, tragic and powerful. Now go and watch it.

Interview with Marc Furmie on making the film

Cameraman Kieran Fowler about the shooting

He has made music videos and one really cool for Tom Lark, see it below.

Tom Lark – Something to Tell You

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