The Inevitability of Singularity

There is an interesting connection between some religious and spiritual practices and the transhumanism movement – on where we come from and where we are destined to. The connection with today’s modern transhumanism is that all consciousness, mind, matter, time, space and simply everything is going to be connected. United in the Singularity that resonates much with the Nirvana heaven, or simply the final liberation of material boundaries and the final beginning of all encompassing existence. Singularity is the new Nirvana, the new heaven, the new possibility of sentient liberation through the development of technology and the implementation of it in our lives, society and our bodies.

I’m not going to mention here if and how transhumanism will (or ever will) handle the hard problem of consciousness – but focus on the prophecies of transhumanism similarities between the philosophy of Buddhism (and the interdependent nature off the universe), religion and technology. If we go to the posthuman experience and get to Singularity, then we will be connected beyond not just our selves and humanity, but further into the essence of the universe. That is a state of existence beyond a day job, beyond material needs and greed, beyond the physical bodily sensations and the way we experience and perceive mind and body sensations.

We are more and more connected to the wireless communication between not only humans but also functions in our society and lives. In the future, unless SHTF happens, every production, consumption, banking, health and educational service will be in the cloud by wireless connection and access. I personally study philosophy through online university options and have done other courses like that, not to mention many young teenagers who really explore and take advantage of the non-location alternative. And why not? Unless you need a practical know-how skill you really don’t need the classroom in the sam way as in the past. The point is, that when we today have smartphones, in the future we will have implants that let us interact even more and even more intuitively than today.

In the yoga and other spiritual practices there is a lot of talk about the third eye. On opening it, on using it clairvoyantly and so on. But what if all of that is a survival from ancient civilizations that were more advanced than us – and had developed the third eye already? We seem not to be too far behind with the Google glasses. Let us imagine that the civilization was lost and all knowledge that survived of the third eye was a anthropomorphic idea? What was once a shining beautiful gadget is now called an third eye. Just as angels and animals in the heavens could have been past ancient astronauts. Even so, this third eye gadget perhaps only was a gadget the visitors had? Not our ancient sisters and brothers of a lost civilization.

A Buddhist master would maybe agree that the aspiration for liberation, Nirvana, is an attachment. Even if the teachings through practical work and states of mind try to eliminate that longing. But it is still the preference, decision and wanting that makes one become a monk or in other ways seek out to become enlightened. Since all religions in the end place the real value on the soul, afterlife, ultimate liberation and so on – they all place the material world on the second spot. Which is where transhumanism also comes in and does it – by seeking to alternate our human condition, because it can, because it is only a material existence, not the messing around with the soul/consciousness.

Imagine a future where you don’t need sunglasses because your eyes can be upgraded to shift filters and always give you the best perception that you want – and that those same eyes can record and photograph the total perception off your experience and share it too someone you want to share it with it. Just as people do today with social media. If humanity goes on a stable path and makes no initiative to a self made SHTF – you can see why this Singularity is inevitable. Still, even Buddhism and other religions talk about the coming salvation or the final liberation. But. There are the cyclic visions on existence, like in Hinduism as we are in the Kali Yuga now. Perhaps the Singularity eventually leads to some sort of Bing Bang? A climax in the unification of consciousness that eventually reboots.

What do you think?

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  • chris
    February 11, 2015

    Interesting article. Have you ever considered that transhumanism is not a unification of technology and spiritualism, but rather the exact opposite, a deathblow of the human spirit? The whole philosophy of transhumanism is based on the idea that there is nothing outside the material universe and we are nothing but machines that can be made into bits and stored in a USB drive. There is nothing estoric or spiritual about being able to access a database or netowork to capture information. If anything, the transhumanist movement is trying to enslave our souls and destroy humanity. If there is a spiritual realm, then there exists a REAL central consciousness where you can tap into without the need of machines and it’s done through meditation and other spiritual practices. Transhumanism is a mockery of spiritualism.

    • Sanjin Đumišić
      February 11, 2015

      Thanks for your input!

      I have thought about that and perhaps I view it as that the transhumanism movement doesn’t know that the ultimate reality is of a spiritual sort. And if the technology keeps on developing I believe that the more “posthuman” we get (if we ever do it, still not done and possible as of today) we will get into the spiritual reality. For an example, wireless technology and telepathy are the same thing just one is from our biological body and the other with the aid of technology. Meaning that in the wheel of ultimate truth, I believe, that no matter how far away from spiritual or non-material the transhumanism movement perceives itself. The only light at the end of the tunnel they will reach is the spiritual reality. Sort of like getting to a point in a circle, you can only go in one direction yet start opposite from that final destination.

      /All the best