Having it too good to be true

Today we have the technology to make our lives (supposedly) easier and to find the time for developing our human interactions, ambitions and more abundance of goodness. For some sinister reason this is not the case, we’re constantly bombarded with the “no-time” attitude. In the near future much of the labor will be done by artificial intelligence, even the desk jobs and especially those. The industrial sector has almost reached the maximum of automatization. While the desk-job sector still has to go through it – and by desk jobs I mean the programmers, secretaries, service jobs, computer and engineering jobs. And even areas in medicine as well.

What is a life, short or endless, if one is afraid of anything at all? Embrace it all and have balls.

But as we have it, the mid 20th century state of mind still prevails in the everyday life of the 21h century. People haven’t made themselves generally happier and I wonder what the masses will do when the jobs are taken away and they cannot sustain their current way of life? But mostly their current state of mind. In this regard I consider myself taking a part in the global new movement of people who live, consume, educate, earn money, eat and think differently. Yes, a sort of future human who makes the best of two worlds – the working habit and total utilization of modern life.

…if you don’t dare to have it too good to be true, then you aren’t ready for it.

From what I’ve experienced so far, we have all the possibilities to make our dream come true or at least take great leaps in that direction. Yet it still takes courage to not just be satisfied with the thought of the possibility, but to actually work on it. Sometimes someone says to this attitude (when having nothing to say) “one should be satisfied with what’s here and now”, well of course, but just because someone is doing that and living the dream doesn’t mean they aren’t satisfied with the “here and now”. I look at it this way, if you don’t dare to have it too good to be true, then you aren’t ready for it.

I guess it all comes down to us being blind of the opportunities, until a point we no longer are. It’s not something a nice person will teach you but only the one who’s done it already. There’s no school for preparing us to what’s to come. Yet it’s up to each one of us to define the reality we live in, the way someone sees it is their own choice and thus will affect their life accordingly. It’s all about the waking up, taking time, shaping ones magic future.

Insecure people will imitate what they see around them and define their dreams and visions of life according to that. It’s a loop process and the sooner one snaps out of it, the better.

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