Richard “Dick” Proenneke – One Man’s Wilderness

Richard “Dick” Proenneke who in his 50’s moved to Alaska, built his house and basically did his own thing in the fantastic milieu of Alaska. There is a book and a couple of documentaries made about his solo life. His book One Man’s Wilderness is very inspiring, as he is so thorough in his way and the photographs are beautiful. It’s in a sense mundane, practical and poetic. As much as being a practical man he has that Zen mind and perspective on life. He would live in the one man wilderness until his 82 years of age and moved in with his brother due to old age and the hardship of wilderness the lifestyle.

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven

Richard "Dick” Proenneke - One Man's Wilderness.
Photos of work in autumn, getting the cabin ready before winter.
Richard "Dick” Proenneke - One Man's Wilderness..
Lovely ambient inside the cabin.
Richard "Dick” Proenneke - One Man's Wilderness.
Beautiful winter photographs.

Richard "Dick” Proenneke - One Man's Wilderness.

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