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Here’e some springtime albums to listen in. Dreamy energetic and soothing soundscapes.

At work I play all kinds of music, from old 50’s romantic songs, to psychedelic jams, to electronic music of many bpm to slower soundscapes, to Hildegard von Bingen… and you can bet there’s a musical quality in the air besides the food. About two months ago I got into East European shoegaze, dream pop, new wave by randomly searching on YouTube. So, to pick a trio for this presentation my criteria was this:


playable in public spaces

perfect for magical road trips

All three bands have a very soothing soundscape and sing in Russian. I’ve been playing a lot of their music lately and through them found more artists. But for the sake of the holy trinity, I’ve picked three bands to present. Let’s go with the ladies first.

акульи слёзы – Опыт очарования [2019]

Dreamy psychedelic shoegaze soundscapes, minimal clutter involved, straight to the point while being gentle and very soothing.

Деревянные киты – Супер [2019]

A bit more complexed soundscape than the other two albums sort of post new wave progressive at times, but the vocals are heavenly and make all the tracks fall into that cold-warm mushy dreamscape.

Here’s fine live performance from very recently.

Nürnberg – Skryvaj [2018]

More energetic and cold wave post-punkish than the other two. Yet, dreamy and coming form Belarus. What I enjoyed is the freshness and revival of a familiar sound and minimalistic setup. I’ve been playing their songs in the store too much already and customers have asked about the music, then taken a photo on the player to note the band name. What’s nice is that I got their albums just a week before they released their new album Paharda. Double joy when finding a new band.

There were other bands that I discovered and realized that the Eastern European music scene is really good. I do understand bits and pieces of lyrics and can read Cyrillic so it’s not a total lyrical terra incognito for me. What’s interesting was that the Murmansk dialect of Russian was easier than the other to pick up coming from Bosnian. I’ll just leave a couple of other artist and their music below. Enjoy!

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