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3 Albums for Springtime
New Days – Psychedelic Drone Rock
Yugoslavian Space Program – An Electronic Compilation Gem, or More if You Want
Lerin / Hystad Release ‘Creatures of the Deep’
Cary Grace Live
Saturn rocket launch & Apollo journey with dark ambient soundscape
Florian Fricke – 1981 interview by Sandy Robertson
‘Fading Beauty’ by Faithful Breath 1973
Popol Vuh and the Choir Organ Sound in Aguirre
About my Swedish music site AlltFörMusik.se
Skymningslandet – Fine Swedish Psych Krautrock
‘Tygerland’ by Cary Grace
Kollektiv längtan i ‘The Creature from Outer Space’ från Dan Olsson via Half Night Records
Music improvisation and fun in nature
Interview with Eston Lathrop, the man behind the kosmische music of ‘Paw Paw’
Ovo (drone rock)
‘Speed of Delight’ live in Gävle