Skymningslandet – Fine Swedish Psych Krautrock

Early this spring an appertizer was released of Skymningslandet and what was about to be released. Time went and now it was finally released by Zeon Light that is run by Joakim Granlund, or clones of him, as good music is being pumped out. Which makes me want to slap anyone with a fly slapper if they question the music quality as of now in Sweden.

Besides the obvious Bo Hanson and Shogun Kunitoki styled soundscape, the self titled album has its own swirl of organ, synth and kraut-beats. A common soundscape that was once born and is reproduced by new generations. Keep in mind, a musical generation is maybe five years. So drive through the forest and up to some special place and have this fine album by Skymningslandet setting the mood. That’s why music exists.

Listen in. The music embodies the magical Swedish midnight summer realms…

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