Commercialization of fear

In this day and age anyone with some sort of media awareness knows that there is an unproportional representation of violence, war, criminality, homicide, terror and such in the media landscape – be it in the news, film industry and internet. Compared to the real life actual threat the worst of our culture is amazingly overrepresented. The purpose is to create fear, and by fear I don’t mean a constant condition of shock and worry. But a life long subliminal fear-approach to everything through indoctrination. Remember that children are exposed to media and conversations about media events before they even read or (if ever) learn to think critically. Having the masses like this makes them very predictable in relation to any event, idea or new phenomenon that occurs.

Object of fear <-> Controlled opposition <-> Object of safety

To any predetermined event that happens, there’s an antidote already made before the event has occurred. Remember the invasion of Iraq in 2003 where the world was lied right in the face about the weapons of mass destruction. Or the terror problem to which the totally failed solution is an panopticon society. And let’s not go into armies attacking their own population to issue motives for war engagement. This is all on the larger scale, but the most venomous is the one in our everyday life which I wrote about in an earlier post – Cultivation of reality and escape from reality. To which the result is a constant flow of pseudo emotions that like our Earths magma in a sick way keep the masses on the surface of wrong worldly perception. This is so obvious that we don’t have any form of mainstream art phenomenon that is not drowned in murder mysteries, power hungry sociopaths, backstabbing, the indoctrination to walk over people for any gain and all that sinister stuff. No wonder series like Game of Thrones, Vikings and other reptile conscious themes appeal to an already brain damaged sinister subconsciousness among the masses.

Why would all the major mainstream hit forms of “art” be so sinister? It is an agenda to keep the masses on the edge and always have the upper hand in pushing them of the cliff into barbarism. Matthew Finn of Shifting the Paradigm wrote about this very well recently in his article Predictive Programming. So it’s not only about the fear programming but also subliminal adaptation for the future societies our current regimes have in mind for us.

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