Child and parent bonding

From the moment my wife got pregnant the relation our child began, but it really already begins in the everyday relationship the parents have towards each other and the world. Our children become the state of mind and world we truly export from ourselves. As nature created us to be smart, use our senses and basically to survive “naked” out there – this potentiality can only be awaken if the parents are practicing and embodying them. Children learn by examples and on a deeper level by the intention the parent has when doing something.

The heart is the seat of intelligence.

It is always how we learn something that matters, especially from people we trust, like parents, friends and teachers. By that I mean the intention associated with the process. For example if someone learns to work on a machine or computer under stress and high pressure, then in most cases even when mastering that skill the person will on a subconscious level always replay the stress and pressure associated with the learning. This can be dealt with or it can stay through a lifetime, leading to stress and an adult inability to fully relax and enjoy what is being done. On the other hand, when a child feels the intention is honest and compassionate the learning progress will bring more enjoyment and happiness when the skill och knowledge is put into practice. Schools are today often blamed for the stress but really it is the failure of the parents to create the atmosphere of caring, compassionate and good intentioned relaxed way of learning and dealing with things.

This is also valuable in reverse – if you have problems, then go down to the basement of your consciousness and look at what’s there, what associations it brings about and try to reset that. Basically taking the control of your life.

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