2 favorite books about Nikola Tesla

Prodigal Genius: The Life of Nikola Tesla written by O’Neill J. John is a wonderful account on the life of Nikola Tesla. The author was one of the few people to have known Nikola Tesla for many years. There are many stories, claims and books on Tesla and much of it is false or rather based on a mystification of what he really was, spiced up by modern day reality. Here is an inspiring passage for anyone interested in what sound and vibrations is. Tesla had many inventions that never made it big and popular and he also had friends of big personalities, like Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens).

Clemens was a frequent visitor to the Tesla laboratory. Tesla had been playing with his vibratory mechanism for some time, and had learned a good deal about the results that followed from varying doses of vibration, when one evening Clemens dropped in.

Clemens, on learning about the new mechanism, wanted to experience its vitalizing vibrations. He stood on the platform while the oscillator set it into operation. He was thrilled by the new experience. He was full of adjectives. “This gives you vigor and vitality,” he exclaimed. After he had been on the platform for a while Tesla advised him: “You have had enough, Mr. Clemens. You had better come down now.”

“Not by a jugful,” replied Clemens. “I am enjoying myself.”

“But you had better come down, Mr. Clemens. It is best that you do so,” insisted Tesla.

“You couldn’t get me off this with a derrick,” laughed Clemens.

“Remember, I am advising you, Mr. Clemens.”

“I’m having the time of my life. I’m going to stay right up here and enjoy myself. Look here, Tesla, you don’t appreciate what a wonderful device you have here to give a lift to tired humanity….” Clemens continued along this line for several minutes. Suddenly he stopped talking, bit his lower lip, straightened his body and stalked stiffly but suddenly from the platform.

“Quick, Tesla! Where is it?” snapped Clemens, half begging, half demanding.

“Right over there, through that little door in the corner,” said Tesla. “And remember, Mr. Clemens, I advised you to come down some time ago,” he called after the rapidly moving figure.

The laxative effect of the vibrator was an old story to the members of the laboratory staff.

– Pages 181-183

The other book I think is a great read on Tesla is his autobiography – My Inventions. What other and better way to come closer to the visions of Tesla than from his own words? One thing that binds these books together is that in the autobiography Tesla views humans as mechanical beings, although it is contrasted in the biography by O’Neill where Tesla is portrayed as a man who is emerged in the unknown, but often chooses the position of the materialist.

Today there are as known plenty stories and attributes floating around the internet on Tesla. The man left us amazing inventions, an impressive life history, a persona worth keeping in history books and wonder about. Enjoy reading!

2 best books on Nikola Tesla.

Nikola Tesla Laboratory Photograph.

Nikola Tesla Laboratory Photograph.

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  • Kanchi
    June 2, 2018

    Are these your favorites. I would like to read books that have much truth in them – as close to Tesla as one can get. Thanks.

    • Sanjin Đumišić
      June 2, 2018

      Hi! I like these because they have his own words about his life, thoughts and ideas – and in the other book the words from someone who was close to him. One could also read the patents he had. Many books are written but many fall into speculation. These two have first hand and second hand sources, which is all there ever will be about his life. Today there are many who speculate about Tesla, ascribing all sorts of ideas and inventions in his name. In my opinion much of it is pure fantasy which humans have tendencies to attribute to people they admire – and more often than not already dead people as they can’t disappoint. I think you’d enjoy these books.

      /All the best