The Tribe That Hides From Man

This is a world unaware that murder and cruelty can be wrong

The Tribe That Hides From Man is an interesting documentary on human nature, in it’s isolated and primitive form. The biggest point for me was the fact that the tribes were warm and loving – but only within their own core family and tribe. Everything else outside of that intimate group was lifeless to them, which made aggression and killing a easy and without hesitation.

I remember reading Sabine Kuegler’s book Child of the Jungle, which is about her growing up in the jungle. There seemed to be the same primitive barbarism as in this documentary, although in a different way and scale. My conclusion is that our modern western (and eastern for that matter) society has expanded it’s empathy but at the same time (in a complex) way distanced us from the cruelty we as a collective do each day. It’s there, but organized and clinically done that we never come face to face with it (unless we’re the target). It spans from manufacturing weapons, selling and causing conflicts, slaughtering millions and millions of animals in factories etc. People in this day generally read indifferently about the horrible things and stare at it in media just like the glare the savage in the Amazon at the dead or suffering member of another tribe. Yet the modern mode of society makes it easier to choose cooperation, non-violence and at least some peaceful steps before the reptile brain kicks in.



We have all heard of phrases about the ”natural man”, the ”original way of life” with the implicit argument that everything raw, naked and natural is always the best for us. But you have only to watch and read these anthropologic materials to realize that there is no ideal there at all.

I’ve also often been told in discussions that man wasn’t supposed to think too much, engage in existential quests, or get involved in what constructs our modern way of life. Further that there is no inner drive or natural motivation for us to seek answers about life. For example the questions of why we are here, what is the meaning of our personal and collective existence, what is consciousness and so on. For these questions there have been seekers in every time, eminent wo/men who questioned, inspired and enlightened the minds of others. If the people who claim that modern society is ruining the natural state and causing stress. I don’t think they’d be better off in the primitive tribal lifestyle portrayed in this documentary, or in any other. If people back then survived in any way they did and continued the existence, then the complainers in the modern world could make at least something with all the comforts and practical solution modern life offers.

I believe that we ought to aspire, question, seek to realize and face the truth, individually and as a collective. I remember a phrase from Sabine Kuegler’s book of something her dad told her (him being an anthropologist) – and to paraphrase it:

When a culture can’t recollect their present history, it is a sign of deterioration.

In our times with the galactic difference in technology from the people we see in this documentary, the savage within us has now delicate methods for ill will and the stupidity to fall for it. But also the good and finest potential of our species to be expressed to all sentient beings in the world. The internet is the jungle just like the Amazon and it’s in the same situation of being hijacked by greed and also populated by people who never value it. So please save the Amazon and the internet, so that we can breath and express freedom.

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