2 explanations for the computer simulation theory… in short.

The computer simulation theory can only be natural in a fractal universe/multiverse theory. In that endless explanation we would have computer simulation within computer simulations, where one universe is created by another and none of them dwells in the ultimate reality. But even in that possible explanation we would have the question of where it all was initiated?

Otherwise we will get stuck in the thought of who created our universe, meaning the computer simulation we live in. I believe that if an advanced computer simulation is possible we are just a part of that endless fractal chain. But who knows, perhaps we might be number 2 in what starts off the endless fractal chain?

Within our daily life it might seem like a quest of busting the creator of our computer simulation. But if we take some steps back and dwell in the wisdom of, say Buddha, there is nothing to be amazed by it. Imagine that you are playing some sort of game like The Sims and one character within the game begins to meditate. Then talk to others about the game they live in. No matter how much they get aware of it and let’s say that wisdom improves their society – they cannot leave the game. So what is death? Is it the ultimate end or a chance to change universe?

What do you think?

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