Jacqueline Thibault – ‘Galaxies’, Pseudonym and Superb Psych-Prog

Galaxies is a real nice psych-prog album with all the panoramic early 1970’s jazz flavour. The artist name Laurence Vanay is a chimera for a woman named Jacqueline Thibault. As women in France during that time couldn’t claim themselves like Mike Oldfield. Even though the album is nowhere near Tubular Bells or Ommadawn – I imagine it would be very closer, in terms of production, had Jacqueline had the same predispositions and even a major hit might someone like Richard Branson released her album through something similar to Virgin RecordsGalaxies is still superb and with its more acoustic and mellow parts it creates an ambient variation.


Jacqueline Thibault (Laurence Vanay).


Looking at how this women barely made the album, then even released it, we ought to be thankful for this hidden musical pearl. She went through some years of sporadic recording sessions, different producers that ran away, contracts that messed up the creative focus and generally an uphill creative process. Yet, we have Galaxies, an album with a soundscape that feels like an idyllic garden, with shades made of branches that form a roof, some flowers here and there, some white rusty and rustic chairs for one or two people, or a cat, to rest when the sun ventures down.

For those of you that recognise her last name, yes, she’s married to a member from the cult band MAGMA.



Jacqueline Thibault (Laurence Vanay).


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