Turning 30 and life unfolds

Recently I had a conversation about things of the past in ones life and how we feel about them today. We both agreed that acknowledging and going beyond everything that has happened is the only way to do it. Something that sort of makes every episode a curio. I find it a tumbling worm hole experience when my life replays random scenes and in a sense I’m thankful for having had it rich so far. There is a feeling of always tried to make the best of something and whether or not that succeeded to some certain fantasy or desire makes no difference. Because I’m not always the result of what actually happened, neither are you, but your intention is. And you are your intention. So for all the unfolded possibilities lost together with situations and people, well be it! What matters in the long run is our intention and the constant energy of it; for which we are individually responsible to keep alive. Don’t ever let it be corrupt or malicious. This year I’m turning 30 and life still unfolds.

We will lose our youth, things, health and our life. But even a small God given spiritual grain we gain along the way is eternal within.

One thing the last ten years or so during my 20’s have made me realize is that the only experience that remains pure and strong is ones spiritual de facto experience and insight. Still feeling like a baby I’ll see what will be said about this ten years in the future.

Turning 30 and life unfolds. Photo: Sanjin Đumišić. Turning 30 and life unfolds. Photo: Sanjin Đumišić.

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