‘Ord om bokstav’ Poetry Book

During the last years I had written poetry and songs in Swedish, most of it short, expanding in meaning yet concise, while others are not of few words. The idea of making folk songs, publishing a poetry book or reading out poetry live has been there all along. But not fully realized, while I’ve been writing and doing other works in-between. I feel like the format should be easy, mobile. While the Swedish folk song ideas are still there, I finally made a private release of a small sized poetry book with photos taken throughout the years.


'Ord om bokstav' poetry book by Sanjin Đumišić.


Ord om Bokstav means something like “word on/about letter”.

It wasn’t that hard to choose the content and I wanted to make it accessible and inspiring. Being a small publication, both in size and quantity it felt good to sum up some of the material. Last summer I found a long gone and deceased relative’s poetry, she died at the age of 16 and so far none had discovered the writings. That just made me happy and more determined to leave ideas and writing behind – it’s something we all can to for our family at least.


'En dikt om döden' from 'Ord om bokstav' poetry book by Sanjin Đumišić.

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