2021 & Beyond

It’s a yearly thing to make these beyond videos of some ideas for the year ahead. Sort of like a first crystallization and alignment of what I see ahead for my family first and foremost, but also in the general. This time I won’t be talking much about the general ongoings in our world as I don’t see the need to expand more on such topics right now. Let’s start of the year with focus on what matters. You matter, and those around you. Change is born from where you stand and act. No matter what is happening we have our own small space to garden.

The world is a struggle, a never ending one. If you can find a good foundation within, you won’t be dragged down and utter some nonsense like “all is lost” or “there is no way out”. Finding that good place within aligns you to the natural state, and that is besides the nice stuff in life, also a struggle and call for action. That is the natural state in contrast to the conceptual way of applying whatever (for the most part delusional) ideas about the perfect way of living and organizing life for people everywhere. Which is good for intellectual practice but not applicable to life. That’s why the international situation is what it is, especially in these times as one idea is applied to every corner of the world. Or at least aspired to be applied everywhere.

But let’s just for the sake of it say my Wife and I are very happy we’re in Sweden during these manufactured events everywhere, especially as a family. One can just look at what some countries are doing to their children, even to infants. Let’s just say that many families and their children, well at least enough of them, will be mad later on when they realize how they were treated, I mean cheated. It’s always a battle for the 10% of active thinking people. The rest follows suite so to say. We have not the same liberties as some decades ago, so it’s all uphill in our times regarding liberties. But that’s the challenging cards we are given, take it or whine like a loser. The choice is ours.

Ok so for this year, the border crises are beyond my control so my focus is on spending time in the beauty of Swedish nature, and hopefully in Bosnia too. For you who follow me you’ll remember that in the past summer I decided to make 2021 a wandering year and those plans remain. I’ve prepared all the economical and practical stuff. But since hopes for visiting Norway are small, I really feel lucky for the lovely trip there in 2019. Anyway adventures are ahead, at least compared to the year that just passed. These will be done solo, with family, with one or more members of my family. But we’ll be getting out often and as often as we can.

So, off to other relevant things for this year which I want to mention and remind you of. Remember that we live in the twenty-first century and that knowing how to apply a safer use of the devices we use, like smartphones, laptops and so on is crucial for children. Do you want your child to be a teenager today or in ten years and not know how to change the settings on a smartphone to protect private data? Do you want to have future children that don’t have common sense while using the so called internet of things? Remember how we were brought up, with the common sense stuff, well now we have to expand on that to include an orientation for the daily devices and the public realm it plays out in. Another important timely thing is crypto currencies. To learn how to handle a crypto wallet, buy or transfer crypto and such. Think of the benefits of a teenager who can handle cards, cash and crypto! These aspects will not be taught in school and when (if they do) they do, it will be too late and too sloppy. Have a look and learn about it when you have the time. Be the road model and hero for your children.

This leads me to the important thing of information. One must know how to backup online information. It’s crucial. Remember that platforms can be shut down overnight. If you have a stash of PDF books, audio and video material you can always share that. If YouTube was all we had (which is not the case at the moment), imagine how much information would be gone by now. Removed to a back room in our memories of having seen and heard something. There are countries that have this total monopoly of information. New platforms are emerging, but you and me are responsible for safekeeping the material we consider important to help someone in ten or twenty years to understand what happened during our life. Or to safeguard material that might get completely banned.

All right, I’ll leave that area of conversation for now. There’s the beautiful analogue life too. Candle lights, books, stories to be told and vintage cameras. I have been looking at a lot of footage from over hundred years ago, and I can’t say anything about it at the moment because it just moves something in me.

I’ve seen this kind of footage before but not as much as lately. The elegance people had, the all around natural dignity of dressing up. I showed those videos to my daughter and also showed her old photos of our family. She appreciated that and I could see her mind expanding while realizing the changing of time, affecting people she knows and that peek in the past is magical in a sense. I can still remember from my childhood some older people with their woolen winter coats, the smell of their non-digital, analogue, calming living room. The way the archaic furniture, clothing and porcelain cups gently clinking over the conversations that I overheard. The content might have been rubbish and nonsense, but the focus and intensity was different. You met and you engaged with one another, face on.

My focus for this year will be the cultivation of what is within my reach. At some point you are informed enough about most of what you have been seeking. Then the time comes for your own moves. Don’t consume what you don’t want to promote and focus on what is in line with your own like. Time is valuable, so burn it well. One thing I will keep doing is to spend less time online. It’s paradoxical because as a digital nomad I work online, but at the same time I’ve come to a point where I get work done and orientate myself for information that I don’t have to waste time online. The online world is like Tolkien’s Ring, it attracts you, it wants you to stare at the screen because it has certain powers and entangles every mental aspect you can imagine. Every question can be pursued, every bit of idea built upon and every pastime or dulling of the mind achieved. Lest we forget the goal is not a 2D screen in front of our eyes but the utilization of it for our own cultivation and improvement we do slowly fade away. Like Tolkien’s Ring the online well possesses over the highest and best intended idea of the user, for the fall of the same. When looking at someone from behind a screen, you see a person just staring, totally involved in some mental world on their own.

There’s enough time for more videos in this year, I hope you are doing well and that you feel good turning the page into a new time to come. Thank you for watching and all the best!

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  • Liakos Stefanos
    June 14, 2021

    Thank you for showing real parts of out beautiful life 💚Nature and a healthy family 🌼God bless you and your beautiful family always ♥️