Be the invasion that those that want to silence you fear.

No time without censorship or dislocation of dissidents. Might makes right, every time. That doesn’t mean might is righteous, but that’s how our human story flows. Every idea has its period, from inquisitions to modern day censorship. People have been burned, shot, decapitated and tortured to death for their ideas. So why should we be weak and whine about censorship today? We know it happens all the time and that our own idea, if they reach the mainstream, will be censoring others. Until they get the upper hand and once again that’s how our human story unfolds.

We battle for ideas, words or weapons can’t conceal that human fact. Accept what is going on, speak up, but never make a whiny losing sound. Never utter a complaint or weakness. Be the invasion that those that want to silence you fear.

YouTube is one platform, there are many others. We have web sites, usb drives and books. Rip the videos, audio files and pdf books, put them on a drive and share with someone. Lets focus on the possible ways than to give google a godlike status and beg for mercy there. The sooner they make this platform a cute kitten story the sooner the alternative or alternatives will bloom. They already do. So seek out the other platforms, bookmark actual site and support those independent journalists by donating or buying their books.

A losing perspective attracts loss, a winners attitude threads towards victory. Which is ours.

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