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Over the last month I’ve been aiming to visit a new place in Bohuslän every other weekend. The weather is getting better and better while the days are longer and longer. One can start off early, or later as the skies are soon to never be completely dark. Especially in these times when Sweden is one of the few places left you can still move around freely without any forced lockdown. Also, tourism is gone, everything is off the high season and the gas prices have gone down. The time to come is really made to explore places I’ve wanted to visit – or just drive out and let the day find a place for me. So, for a start I began in Bohuslän and spring has barely begun.


Just a montage from a short trip up to Bohuslän on a sunny Saturday. A simple thing to do, I took a break from all work and duty to take it easy and visit Fjällbacka (to walk through the Kungsklyftan), Grebbestad and some nature in around Tanum before heading back south again.


Taking some time to get out and visit new ancient stone sites. Also, Bohuslän is very beautiful and always worthwhile.

Tjörn & Råda Säteri

Get out and get out as often as you can. This weekend we went to Tjörn and visited Skärhamn, known for the Akvarellmuseum and to Pilane Gravfält where ancient stone formations are to be found in a beautiful grazing area high up with a 360 overview. Those are sites we get to by driving but nearer to us is Råda Säteri, next to Råda lake with its fine environment still oozing the late 1700’s vibes. In these days without a plane in the skies the fantasy gets closer to reality.

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