Biometric Data in Schools? Forget It.

We don’t need biometric scanners in classrooms. We don’t need RFID chips in our students. We don’t need surveillance cameras in schools. However. We do need classical education on logic, philosophy, geometry, history… basically classical education also known as trivium. We need smaller classrooms. All kids are not meant to be in schools, some would benefit from other types of education. We don’t all fit in the same mold.

If anybody is to be scanned and put under surveillance, it’s the tax payed politicians who determine the education for us. Also the teachers and governors in the educational structure. Not our children. This is very wrong and none of the benefits some agenda pushing people mention have been a problem in schools.

The problem is lack of funding, decline in the quality of the curriculum. Meaning no classical education at all. The problems are also big classrooms and people wasting years and years and even years in academia to get a job a dog could almost do with some practice. This is not how knowledge and wisdom ought to be given to our future generations.

Update: Some years later it was time for the practical aspect of all this. How To Protect Your Children’s Biometric Data in Schools

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