The Lukewarm Trap in Life

On this cold and chilly morning, I want to talk about something warm and about this thing of being lukewarm towards life.

I remember listening to Alexander Scourby’s audio version of the Bible and the Book of Revelations. There’s a passage when lukewarmness is mentioned and it goes like this.

“I know thy works that thou art neither cold norhot I would thou wert cold or hot so then because thou art lukewarm and neither cold nor hot I will spew thee out of my mouth.”

So in our lives when we give ourselves excuses, we are deleting the option or the possibility, of us being able to accomplish something. One has to dare to actually go through with various things you wish to accomplish, or a vision you have, or a situation you want to have in the future. We’re nothing special because everything we think of and have done has for the most cases (unless one is a supergenius artist or a scientist) been done.

There is no limitation in time and money really and nobody upon their deathbed wish that they have earned more money, that they had even one more car or something like that. Most people wish as it is shown time and time again that they had done what they wanted to do in life. And not been the victim or allowed themselves to be the victims of expectations and what other people think they should do. This is not about relinquishing responsibility one has. Responsibility is incorporated in every natural and healthy life. What I’m saying is that life is long and if you have a job and can provide for all the necessities in life (everybody can do that as long as you live in a decent kind of society) you can have time for what’s important to you. To get a job, education and provide for yourself takes about maybe ten years from the age of say twenty or twenty five. After that you have fifty or forty years, who knows how long, to balance things up and make room for yourself, your family and to have time in a relaxed and non-stressful way. But if one sort of closes the door and sticks to “I don’t have the time or I can’t risk something with my money” and so on and so on… One is once again back to excuses. If you had one job you can always have another, so possibilities are endless.

Something that I’ve learned or seen for myself is that something works out in the end when you’re not lukewarm, and have faith. Faith is not to have faith in a God necessarily, so this is not a theological discussion. Having faith is something everybody has, every person who wakes up every morning has some kind of idea of what the day will be like. Something that brings you out of bed, that’s faith. If you just go along hundred percent with that you will accomplish things and in a society where you basically always work for something abstract, an idea or production – you always earn money for somebody else. You never see the concrete sort of work of the thy labor.

Another aspect of being lukewarm is to realize that you don’t have to stagnate after a certain situation in your life, a working situation or a family situation. Life is so long so and this is something that it’s not easy to find in life. You have to start by your own, you have to stop being lukewarm.

What we want is something that is always one or two things. People today want so many things and you can’t want more than two three things. It’s just not possible. Your heart doesn’t have the room for that, you can’t love fifteen families, you can love one or two. We are limited in that sense, it doesn’t mean that we are worse off. You can want two or three things, you get them, then you go to the next one and it’s an endless chase of some sort.

I always hear of so many things people want, so many ideas they have and years go by and not much happens. It remains a dream and then there’s always this trap of finding an excuse, the lukewarm excuse and limiting yourself.

For this year, it’s still in the beginning, so let’s by the end of this year look back and say “I did those two or three things that I wanted. I did it in some way or another”.

So while it’s cold, almost snowing right now seasons will change and by the years ending have that comfort just look back and see a big improvement or accomplishment. What ever and ever you have… These were some hot and cold thoughts for this morning.

Header image: Karl Friedrich Thiele. Design for The Magic Flute: The Hall of Stars in the Palace of the Queen of the Night, Act 1, Scene 6.

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