Surrealist Museum for Industrial Objects in Berlin

This museum of surreal objects is really worth a visit. There you’ll see design, function, photography and have the guide tell some interesting stories. He is also a photographer and his works are placed in a room, analog surreal large format camera works.

The concept of this private museum is in the layers the object have. First the design and artistic appearance. Then the function, since every piece comes from something that had function. Further, the philosophy and history of what it was used for. The surrealistic aspect is there since all of it is arranged in the wrong way, triggering logic and fantasy.

The green submarine object in the video is actually a machine that kept polio victims alive, those who’s lungs couldn’t function. The machine is green because it was made of former nazi german military equipment, since there was an abundance of that after world war two. The machine had pumping air pressure inside that sort of squeezed the lungs and made the person breath. One of the longest stays inside was a women that spent 60 years until the end of her life inside the machine. You might think her life was meaningless, but she became an academic in psychology. Worked, helping and treating suicidal people. So her life of course had meaning for her and others.

There are meny more stories lika that behind the objects inside that the guide will tell while taking care of present and new visitors. Check out

Here is the video I made with some industrial style music, have a look inside the museum!

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