Our Newborn & A New Wonderful Year Ahead!

Now our second child was born, Aurelia, the name means the golden light. Because right now it’s the darkest time of the winter and the new cycle of light has just began after winter solstice. And her big sister Florens was a child of peak summer thus the name that means  flourishing. Both are latin and both were the natural first choices and they both got them early on. Quite interesting, we never discussed names, they just strongly appeared to us and were just right.

My wife to me is a saint, a companion and a source of strength and the honor of having been by her side while giving birth two times is a blessing. All went well, Lisa is fine and doing good, Aurelia is a cool baby, Florens a kind an gentle big sister and I just love to see all the three of them in action.

Lisa's two babies.

Who is who? They look like twin sisters two and a half years apart, but on the left is the first pregnancy with Florens and on the right with Aurelia. Thanks to our dear friend Emelie Ohlsson for the pregnancy photos of Lisa both times!

Here’s both of them on the seventh day in the same clothes and in as similar setting as possible. Trippy!

Aurelia, Florens and Sanjin. 7 days. Photo: Lisa Sinclair.Newborn Aurelia. Photo: Lisa Sinclair.

Here’s the first art exhibition from this young lady, she picked the spot on the wall herself and explained her vision intensely.

I wish you the best of the forthcoming cycle of light, happy winter solstice & new year to you all!

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