‘Tygerland’ by Cary Grace

Cary Grace is one of my favorite artists and a tarot-rock queen, who’s hot up with a new album called Tygerland. In 2009 she released Perpetual Motion which is according to me one of the best album ever. Tygerland is softer, more like a soothing summer night. The album is also one of the first my almost two week young newborn daughter hears at home for the moment, besides 14th century choir music and other expanded soundscapes.

Songs like Orange SkyRazorwire on the album are the immediate krautrock hits, those will get you hooked first After that the album opens up with lots of guitars, synths, poetry and such combined in a heavier rock style, dreamy motorik and everything in-between. Note that this album is not eclectic, but well sewn together and makes for great listening from 00:01 onwards. Windsong makes for a great ending of Tygerland in a out-of-myself Jungian spirit. Even though it is an autobiographical track.


Flames violently and comes apart…


In the autumn of 2012 I did an interview with Cary Grace, where she talked about her music, analog synth company Wiard – check it out.




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