Motives in the matrix of life

Life seems to have one path and things are determined, even when you drink a cup of tea or some other trivial activity. One cannot say the tea drinking is just random action yet when one has inspiration or connects to a person that that is destiny or somehow above the tea? Are they not connected? The tea drinking and the more extravagant happening in life. Is there a matrix that rules our motive and path in life?

Know thyself.
– Temple of Apollo in Delphi

If your life is ruled by the laws of physics or some other supernatural force, then getting to know yourself is to know the universe? If there is a certain fixed matrix discovering yourself in it will be the way to discovering the matrix as a whole.

We need people who indulge in such questions for each generation, or we are doomed to ignorance and complications. The knowledge shouldn’t get lost of fade into crippled use and understanding.

The whole moon and the entire sky
Are reflected in one dewdrop on the grass.
– Dogen

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