Flower of Life origin

I just read this post Artifacts of the Flower of Life by Marko Manninen. It got me thinking about the origins of the Flower of Life. Its been used in art for thousands of years and still today it is. Some of its use and theories wander off into pseudo subjective new age science – yet there is something deeper to this symbol. Either it is special or just a good looking symbol that’s easy to play around aesthetically with.

If it’s something special, then it must be packed with meaning and information. Just like a barcode. The designer must have had mathematical knowledge and if one dissects the Flower of Life it has proportions of the eternal kind – sacred geometry. So packing a symbol that looks beautiful with meaning is perhaps an idea of guaranteeing that the mathematical knowledge never gets lost? As it looks good it will be replicated and some people will get fascinated by it, research it and confirm some mathematics; or in a more darker world, rediscover something.

This symbol is like the pyramid, a keeper of proportions. And as symbols come and go, styles go in and out of fashion. These eternal, archetypal, symbols are always there with us.

So my theory is that, if the symbol is special, it’s a minimalistic symbol that keeps enormous mathematical truths in it. And we all know that any advanced society needs mathematics for the creation of wonders in the world.

What do you think?

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