About my Swedish music site AlltFörMusik.se

The love of music and writing incited me to start the Swedish music site AlltFörMusik.se – where the published topics focused on narrow music, arts and sound phenomenons. Running that site introduced me to lots of creative people, events and ways in which music and art, work in theory and in practice. But also keeping alive my own creative spark in writing and learning about music composition, web and publishing. Not to mention the plenty of fine music I got exposed to. After 180+ articles written (195 in total), photographs taken plus endless hours put into the project – I have now let the site sail its own way. Now I’m working on my business, my blog and academic papers. But I will of course keep presenting about music, art and film – but focus on what really touches me.

I want to deal with music and art in a different manner. Allt För Musik was also a great way to get into areas otherwise closed, like press passes and interviews made. So I’m very proud of the work put into it all. It has really kept up my visions during the three years of the site being alive.

I like quality  so I see no point in writing shorter reviews about new albums because there is not much to say. All music today is imitative and just remakes something that’s already been done. Also reviews is nothing I ever did, I presented music. Reviews are something from the past where a newspaper review could make an album sell or flop – today anyone can listen to anything. I also noticed the sperm-effect in many artists and groups, where they just record music, release something and mindlessly just try to follow some steps in this day and age that are of no use anymore. Those steps that were part of the past, before the digital age.

I will keep on writing and publishing about music, art and film as I’ve already done on this blog. I hope to do more YouTube videos. Also I hope to try to find some more intimate way of it that reaches out to people and makes music fun to create. There is too much quasi creativity and ego tripping out there made and published in dead finished products – we need real séances and resonance experiences.

My own musical work and interest is based on the concept of resonance is alchemy. From playing in bands and doing solo work, spanning from electronic and acoustic soundscapes. Like the album Fjärde Soluppgången or other songs and improvisations in the music section. These days I enjoy sharing music, singing, recitations and all that with my baby daughter.

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