Why Most People Fail Their Life Goals & Dreams

In this video, while I’m sitting here enjoying the sunshine, I just kind of got a clear idea why it’s so hard for people to reach their life goals or life dreams. And why many people don’t actually do it. We can see that because people are compensating for their underachievements. The industry of self-fulfillment, guidance, and mentorship is huge because most people don’t actually succeed. And there’s a reason for that, which is kind of interesting in my opinion, from my experience.

The closer you reach to your life goals or dreams the harder it will be, to pass that top and land in your dream. Stay put, be aware and prevail all the obstacles.

That is that when you have a clear idea of what you want to do, whatever that goal might be, something to do with a business project, a relationship issue, or workout goals, we are kind of in this delusion that the more you work and the closer you get, the easier it will get. And that’s partially true. But for big life goals, it’s almost the opposite.

Because the closer you get to your target, it’s exponential hardship. The exponential curve rises all the way to the top, and that’s what kind of shakes off a lot of people and their ambitions and their wills and wants. Because the closer you get, actually the harder it is.

The same principle applies even to wartime, where even by surrounding a city and demolishing it, you still haven’t captured the city. Because it’s actually harder, as the defense is more firm. And it’s like that everywhere. So that’s why we beat our heads to the wall and don’t understand why it’s so hard. Because we’re never taught that actually, before you reach your life goal or the closer you get, it’s actually harder.

Especially if you’re wanting to do something out of the box, that means that there are many people around you and the whole infrastructure, like work, job, friends, family, economy, everything has to be rearranged before you actually achieve that goal. And it gets harder the closer it gets. But once you actually push forward and realize that obstacles are just on the way, eventually when you pass that exponential curve and get to the top, you will fall into your wildest happy dreams and actually reach it.

But the way there is very hard. This is something I’ve been observing because the people who don’t succeed always have a reason, an excuse, because there are problems. And many problems get even more challenging the closer you get. So that’s just something like it’s the opposite. A few people actually have a vision, a life goal that they are actually trying to accomplish or achieve. And those who do, many fall off and get shaken off because, as I said, it’s harder the closer you get to the target.

So yeah, but once that is pulled off, there’s no… It’s a free fall. It’s a parachute jump to whatever goal you had. So that’s something to think about and remember that it doesn’t get easier the closer you get to your life’s goals or life dreams. Or whatever that might be. Just some thoughts from the bench.

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