We are unique

Ever since I was a child and watched space documentaries, somewhere someone always had to point out something along the line that “in the vast and endless space, we are just a fantastic coincidence and really insignificant”. Later I always heard this pop up in conversations here and there when someone would say “it doesn’t matter, we’re so small and unimportant… etc…”. It just goes to show how perspectives matter. For if you ask me, no matter if God, chance or what else created us, we are special – especially if we’re alone in the universe in being what we are. If the universe was filled with life, maybe we’d not have reasons to feel special, but even then we would be special.



I therefore wonder why so many people automatically say we’re insignificant, or that the universe doesn’t care about us – like we’re just a fluke. A morphing event that eventually led to conscious beings on two legs. Why is it hard or why is the perspective blocked for so many people that we are unique in that sense under the same predispositions? Wow, we’re the only ones in the universe – how amazing and rare that is! Or something along that line.

Seemingly, our planet doesn’t need us, just as it doesn’t need dinosaurs or other already extinct animals. But that doesn’t imply anything on us – seemingly we’re caught in a ride as a species for a while in something that happened against all odds. Remember how vast and cold the universe is, go ahead and look at those NASA photos, so beautiful they are.

What would be the case if the documentaries had this, shall I say more positive and insightful outlook? I believe that it would change something that gets deep in our subconsciousness. Those small choices of perspective that automatically shift to a certain position depending on how they were programmed. They would change, or shift a bit to a more creative state. Or reprogrammed later in life.

Those live well who see paradise on Earth.

Then the pessimist asks whether this would make global peace and all that utopian dreams we wish to fulfill. No, not a chance, but that demand that every change that doesn’t within 10 years solve all problems is not worth considering is not true either.

Sometimes I look at the starry sky and feel amazed, at what’s here on Earth, instead of what’s out there.

My mathematical skill is not even near to begin a sketch on what the chances are that you and me are here doing what we do in this existence. But how amazing it is to be part of this life, this species, this race, this activity and also to be able to make output, to affect other people and the structure in which we shape our life. I can only make a demand for such a mathematical formula, but not even start it – yet I’m here and you are too as a proof that we are against all odds. A chance gone right or a design.

The header photo for this post is of a symbol called Mira Bilitas Natura and it means the “Miraculous ability of nature”. Done by Maier Viatorium sometime around 1618.

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