As always we travel to places when they are out of season. This time we headed to Öland in late March and early April, and despite sunny days it was chilly and always windy. Our trip was possible as we could stay in a small house that’s part of our extended family. With whom we also spent some time with.

Öland is divided in the north and south, the Öland bridge is in the middle at where you enter the second largest island in Sweden. Well on the island you forget about that, it’s large enough to make you feel you’re somewhere in the middle of Sweden. We explored the north part first and since it was out of season everything is closed, that usually opens upon for the tourist season. If you’re like us, you wouldn’t want to visit Öland in the tourist season, as it all gets overcrowded everywhere.

Besides the feeling of being in a Ingemar Bergman film, with the vast landscapes, the ocean, light that’s spread all about – there are a few places to see and visit. Nothing extraordinary, but still, if you feel in the mood you’ll love it.

Just by driving there are many sideways to explore, ranging from megalithic sites, iron age villages, second hand shops, parks and other nature protected areas. So there’s a good chance for you to buy fresh organic farm eggs or find a exquisite vintage piece of furniture in the second hand shops.


Get the motor runnin’, head up on the highway…

Öland bridge. Photo: Sanjin Đumišić. Florens, Sanjin, Lisa on Öland road trip selfie.


…the video


North Öland

Tree of divine light on Öland. Photo: Sanjin Đumišić. Florens and Lisa, Öland road trip. Photo: Sanjin Đumišić. Sanjin and Florens, Öland road trip. Photo: Lisa Sinclair. Öland road trip. Photo: Sanjin Đumišić. Öland rauk. Photo: Sanjin Đumišić. Rustic stuff on Öland beach. Photo: Sanjin Đumišić.Vincent and Tomas. Photo: Sanjin Đumišić. Stone house in Öland at sunset. Photo: Sanjin Đumišić.Small shop in Öland. Photo: Sanjin Đumišić. Digital country life. Photo: Sanjin Đumišić. Öland sea sunset. Photo: Sanjin Đumišić.Bianca at Öland sunsent. Photo: Sanjin Đumišić. Royal park in Öland. Photo: Sanjin Đumišić.Solliden entrance. Photo: Sanjin Đumišić.Northern tip of Öland. Photo: Sanjin Đumišić. Långe Erik lighthouse Öland. Photo: Sanjin Đumišić. Sanjin and Florens, Öland morning. Photo: Lisa Sinclair. Florens and Sanjin selfie at bakery in Öland. Öland alley road. Photo: Sanjin Đumišić. Norse iron age house. Photo: Sanjin Đumišić. Fresh organic farm eggs. Photo: Sanjin Đumišić.Medieval church in Öland. Photo: Sanjin Đumišić. Medieval church altar. Photo: Sanjin Đumišić.Outside Borgholm Castle. Photo: Sanjin Đumišić.Borgholm Castle. Photo: Sanjin Đumišić. Borgholm Castle. Photo: Sanjin Đumišić. Baby Florens playing in Öland house. Photo: Sanjin Đumišić. Baby Florens with Öland flower. Photo: Sanjin Đumišić. Vincent with Florens. Photo: Sanjin Đumišić.


Ancient Norse Megaliths


South Öland

Small horse in Öland. Photo: Sanjin Đumišić. Florens and Lisa with small horses. Photo: Sanjin Đumišić. Windmill in Öland. Photo: Sanjin Đumišić. Windmill and megaliths in Öland. Photo: Sanjin Đumišić. Sanjin with Florens in south Öland. Photo: Lisa Sinclair. Psychedelic church cross in Öland. Photo: Sanjin Đumišić. Church window in Öland. Photo: Sanjin Đumišić. Öland village house. Photo: Sanjin Đumišić.


That’s that for this time

Sanjin, Lisa and Florens in Öland.

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