La Belle Verte (The Green Beautiful) – A silly & smart film about us

La Belle Verte is a film that unfolds on a planet where humans like us live healthy, conscious and live longer. A woman has become a widow and takes upon to a mission to visit planet our planet Earth. The springboard is an ideal world and society that lives in harmony with body, mind and nature. They have evolved biological technology and do naturally that which we use technology for. They use telepathy and transport themselves through mind power. As if they’ve evolved and bloomed into a fully potential biological quantum consciousness. Without transhumanistic injections.

In that context of human potentiality fulfilled Le Belle Verte lets us look at our own world of material bondage, monetary system and not yet a healthy, conscious and long lived human population. So simply a silly but smart film that’s fun to watch. But it has the stereotypical white hippy, new age kind of ideal. Check out this documentary on nature people and tribes in the Amazon jungle – The Tribe That Hides From Man.


La Belle Verte (The Green Beautiful).
Romanticization of Aboriginal people. But do you know why their women traditionally aren’t allowed to play the didgeridoo? Because a man who sees her can rape her, like some sort of punishment. Not cool.
La Belle Verte (The Green Beautiful).
I like this concept of mind transportation in a white ball. A beautiful ending scene for the film.

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