Joe Nimble ‘Nimbletoes’ Barefoot Sneakers | After 4 Years Review

4 years out of 38 that’s a bit more than 1/10th of my life in these Joe Nimble sneakers. That’s pretty good for a pair of footwear!

Why do I make videos from time to time about so called barefoot footwear? Is it vanity? No. Is it a trend? No. Why? Well because our feet carry us on in life, our whole life. No matter if you’re active or not, walking, hiking, running or dancing. Our feet are very important and barefoot shoes offer the best natural conditions for my feet in most situations. So here’s a pair I’ve been using for 4 years.

I have used them casually, I’ve worked in them as a store manager, sometimes ten hour days, I’ve been traveling in them, hiking and used them the most for the last four years. That’s why they are worth mentioning, they are the best general barefoot sneakers I’ve had. A model I hope Joe Nimble will keep and improve as time goes by.

I did a review on them early on, I remarked on some issues then and in the following review of other barefoot shoes where I compared the pair. Two things stand out, this little detachment from the first week where I thought it would eventually come off more. But it didn’t for four years. I also expected the sole to get a hole under my heel eventually and I’m still waiting.

I have washed the pair many times in 40 degrees celsius, just to freshen them up. I’ve walked in water with them and used them carelessly as I’ve expected to get them teared up sooner… but it still hasn’t happened.

I have a double sole that I took from my pair of Wandertoes when they were done for. I did a review on them too. But I’ll quickly mention that barefoot shoes and thin soles are not good for winter as the cold ground and warm feet create condensation. Which leads to cold moist feet. Joe Nimble actually made the later model of Wandertoes with a thicker zero drop sole that suits better for wintertime.

As always if I do a review on footwear or some other gear it’s because I’ve used the product, so in this case I can only recommend this pair. I never felt any back pains, or feet issues by having barefoot shoes. Even after long days at work or hikes it feels like nothing when you take the pair off and walk indoors. Amazing indeed and there is a logic to this as most footwear are wrongly designed. When the feet that carry you in life are not doing so naturally unnatural imbalances in the feet are created over time, spreading up to the legs and later create problems in the hips, later in the back. Then people focus on the back issues forgetting their feet, the root cause in many cases. That’s why feet are important. Anyway, there are great barefoot footwear brands out there and this pair, this model called Nimble Toes I can warmly recommend to anyone.

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